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   Downtown | Uptown / Lake Merritt


Our Mission

The Downtown Oakland Association and the Lake Merritt-Uptown District Association are Community Benefit District (CBD) Management Corporations committed to revitalizing Oakland’s historic downtown by:

-Maintaining cleanliness and order in the public rights-of-way
-Promoting district identity
-Building community
-Promoting business attraction
-Fostering cultural opportunities
-Creating and maintaining new public spaces
-Advocating on behalf of the district stakeholders

Our Vision

Create a thriving 24/7 business, retail, entertainment and residential district in the heart of Oakland for the betterment of Downtown and Uptown and the greater Oakland community.

In 2018 and beyond, we will focus our place-making energies on growing our revenue and
impact, refining and streamlining our essential clean and safe services, furthering the reach
of our Oakland Central marketing campaign, and creating additional support services for our
local small business and residential communities. We encourage all Oakland stakeholders
to partner with us in this effort by directly engaging with the people in your local community,
by contributing your time and resources, and by helping spread the word.

Our Values

Enhance and Support Oakland’s Diversity and Charm
Celebrate Oakland’s Specific History and Legacy of Multiculturalism
Facilitate Economic Development and Community Building

Annual Report


Downtown Oakland Association – 388 19th Street Oakland, CA 94612 – 510.238.1122 –