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We see tremendous value in the districts’ projects and the visible and profound impact they have. We are seeking individuals, businesses, nonprofits, and community groups to help us provide these services to a wider audience. The goal of all of our services and initiatives is to make Uptown & Downtown a more welcoming and vibrant place for everyone. Every sponsorship dollar allows us to focus more of our time and resources on refining and expanding our existing programs and projects. Your contribution is greatly appreciated and we look forward to working with you to make our Uptown & Downtown even better.

Please take a look at the sponsorship opportunities below. Click here to donate an amount of your choice, not tied to a project.

Median Landscaping and Street Level Planters 
A beautifully landscaped median or planter brings a touch of natural beauty to our urban landscape. Often one of the first things a driver sees as they enter our districts, a well maintained median shows that we care about our city and will work to maintain its vibrancy and charm. Medians require consistent maintenance as well seasonal swap outs of plantings to keep them looking their best. Please consider contributing to the funding of our full time landscaping ambassador or to the purchase of a flat of plants and ensure the continuation of this transformative project. Your sponsorship will cover the cost of planting, maintenance and watering.
Annual Median Maintenance Cost:
$2,080 per block 
Annual Planter Maintenance Cost:
$260 per planter

Hanging Plant Baskets
The hanging plant baskets that adorn the historic light poles of Downtown Oakland add 
colorful identity to our cityscape, making it a more welcoming space for employees, 
shoppers, and visitors. 

Sponsoring a hanging basket is a great opportunity to show that you or your business cares about going green! We encourage neighbors to not only consider sponsoring a single basket, but to think beyond one storefront and one building and sponsor a block of hanging plant baskets. Imagine the impact! 

Your sponsorship will cover the cost of planting, maintenance and watering.

Example of Placard
Big Belly Solar Trash Compactors
‘Big Bellys’ hold more trash than a normal garbage can and offer a recycling option, helping us keep litter off the streets and out of the storm drains. Each station provides both real and historical trash collection data and digitally alerts the districts when the trash compactors need to be emptied, saving precious time and resources.
Each station is also equipped with 44" x 30” Rear advertisement panel and 18”x30” side 
advertisement panel that can be used to promote our sponsors in addition to promoting 
local events and the projects and programs of the districts.

Utility Box Art Wraps 
Partnering with Streets Alive! and local artists, the districts have installed several art 
wraps on utility boxes throughout the districts. These art wraps deter graffiti, saving time 
and resources, and beautify the area with locally inspired art enhancing the already unique streetscape of Uptown & Downtown Oakland. 
Utility Box Art Wrap cost is based on box size

Cycle Aid Stations
The Cycle Aid Station puts the tools where the people need them for public bike maintenance and repair. With eight common bicycle tools permanently tethered to a bike holder and designed to be placed either inside or outside, 
the Cycle Aid Station will meet the spur-of-the-moment maintenance and repair needs to keep riders on their bicycles. The installation of these 
stations throughout the districts will serve to promote pedestrian and cyclist activity and encourage foot traffic and patronage of our local businesses.

Our Ambassadors are the attentive and dedicated men and women that you see in bright yellow working to beautify and improve the neighborhood by providing critical services, such as pressure washing, litter removal, and graffiti abatement. Each of our Ambassadors is equipped with knowledge of downtown’s businesses and entertainment venues and can provide visitors with recommendations, directions and escorts to their destination. Additionally, these ambassadors, many of whom are Oakland residents, work to improve the quality of life in the public rights of way by patrolling on foot and bike offering pedestrians a welcoming smile and reporting all out of the ordinary activity.

These services result in increased economic activity, a lowered perception of crime, and a greater sense of pride in the community. These ambassadors engage with workers, residents and visitors alike to provide a sense of community and safety.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Benefits of becoming a sponsor
In recognition of your generous sponsorship we will:
Affix a display to your sponsored project featuring your name, business name, logo, or other identifying/promotional information and imagery*.
Include promotional information** about your business in our monthly email newsletter which is distributed to more than 1,000 people who live, work, or frequently visit Uptown & Downtown Oakland.
Feature you and/or your business on our website.Feature you and/or your business on our website.
*This cannot be done for sponsored Ambassador hours.
**All promotional content is subject to approval by staff and/or DISI Committee.
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